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What Writers Can Learn from the Great Depression

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That’s a 23-second trip through the Occupy Wall Street library in New York City, a bustling collection of writers, readers and activists.

The OWS librarians just reported that a number of extra copies of their homemade Occupy Wall Street Poetry Anthology have gone missing. Yesterday, I talked about the OWS library and the Great Depression on New Hampshire Public Radio. Follow this link to listen.

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Spooky Footage of New York City During the Great Depression

Digging through the Prelinger Archives, I found a copy of “Millions of Us,” a silent film from 1936 about a homeless metalworker who decides to join a union. It has amazing footage of Depression-era New York City (and other locations) along with dreamy montages that explore failure and hunger.

It’s a haunting picture of the deep dark bottom of the Great Depression and the radical action it required to create jobs in America. Try my Brahms and the Great Depression playlist to replace the missing soundtrack.

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