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The First Publishing House Strike


Amazon employees in Germany have mounted a strike against the online retailer. Today is a good day to remember other strikes in publishing history…

In 1934, Dashiell Hammett, Edward Newhouse and nine other authors joined brave employees on the picket line outside Macaulay Company publishing house—reportedly, the first publishing house strike in America.

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Why Haven’t We Seen More Protests Like the Great Depression?

The Transport Workers Union have reportedly voted to support the Occupy Wall Street protests. If unions join these demonstrations, this may be the beginning of a much larger mobilization.

Everybody keeps criticizing the Wall Street protestors for their lack of clear goals. I think we should be asking the opposite question: Why haven’t we seen more protests like the Great Depression?

I keep going back to strike stories from New York City during the Great Depression—they serve as a powerful reminder of the epic fight workers staged around America during those dark days.

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