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What Writers Can Learn from the Great Depression

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Thin Man Martini

During the deepest moments of the Great Depression, Dashiell Hammett published The Thin Man. The 1934 novel was a satirical and introspective detective story, the plot pickled with booze.

While watching the The Thin Man film this summer, I tried to adapt a martini for the book. Guided by this Lost Past Remembered blog post, I modified the 1930s staple into an easy drink. Try it out below…

Thin Man Martini

In a mixing glass, combine:

two and a half ounces of gin
a half ounce of dry vermouth
six to eight ice cubes

Let the mixture sit while you cut a lemon in half and peel an artsy-craftsy-looking lemon peel (just the yellow skin, not the white stuff underneath).

Then squeeze three drops of lemon juice into your glass. Add three drops of bitters. Then use the lemon peel to coat the inside of the glass with the lemon juice and bitters.

Stir the mixing glass for 30 seconds. Strain into your glass, leaving the lemon peel inside.

If you want more literary cocktails, check out Studio 360s Fuzzy Novel winners.

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